Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Mantle.

Here's a peek of my weekend "mantle makeover": 

Swapped out the old mirror for a new one:

Added in some spring colors, outdoor elements, candle holders:

And a little touch of pom-poms :)
I'm really loving it! 
The new, bigger mirror opens up the room more.  
And decorating mantles is on my top 5 of "things I love to decorate."  If you have a mantle (or other home area) that needs a little spring makeover - I'd love to help!  If you're local to the Rochester area and would like a consult, please contact me at: homestyleheart@gmail.com

Friday, March 27, 2015

Styling Tutorial: Coffee table.

Making little changes to a room can have a big impact! This post is a simple coffee table styling tutorial. I was motivated today to do a lot of cleaning and rearranging.  Spring is here and I want to brighten up our home! 

Here are the elements of this easy decor combo: 
a tray, candles and candle holders, a plant and plant holder.
When it comes to decorating elements it's so important to remember differing heights! You know sometimes when you do an arrangement that you're so proud of but, then, you step back and look at it and disappointedly think, "oh...maybe not..." A lot of times this has to do with needing varying heights.  Mix up the heights!  Get candles of different heights, stack books or plates to add height.  Find items from other parts of the house.  Keep arranging until it looks right - for me, this can sometimes mean arranging and rearranging numerous times - especially with bigger projects: a big mantle display or rearranging furniture in a room.  
The tray in the pic was a house warming gift.  If you don't have a tray or two, I recommend keeping your eyes open for one (or two).  Trays are great to hold a display together, to make a centerpiece in, to use for serving at parties...  The white speckled candle holder I got many years ago at Dollar Tree (you can find candles and glass holders there good for decorating). The pillar candles are from various stores.  I always keep a good stock of pillar candles for when I change up the mantle or if I need them for a centerpiece.  Christmas Tree Shop has very reasonable pillar candles too.
Are you motivated? Feeling up to revamping your coffee table? 
Share your coffee table styling pics on instagram!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Teeny Photo Books: (as in, easter egg size).

What are the Easter basket traditions in your family?  Growing up we had a family basket that mom filled with yummy candy and had in the middle of our dining room table.  In our family we fill simple baskets and hide them.  The fun for the kiddos is hunting for the baskets and then enjoying the goodies.  The fun for momma is picking out the goodies for the baskets and filling them!

I was inspired by armelleblog on instagram when she shared her idea of placing tiny photo books in Easter eggs! When I saw these eggs I knew they'd be perfect to hold the tiny books.  I like the look of the jagged edge when the eggs are open.  These eggs are from Dollar Tree - 3 for $1. 
As soon as I saw these books from Social Print Studio I was sold!! I love their teeny tiny size and the fact that they're hard cover.  I've ordered books before and have been very pleased with the quality and affordability.  You can order yours HERE. These sweet littles were 3 for $10. I'm already picking out what to order next - maybe their poster or mini squares. The calendar would be a great gift! My mind is busy with all the ideas you can create!
Seriously though, so tiny!!

The boys will each get one for their basket and the third is for momma to keep.  

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The remodel: BATHROOM.

We moved into our house last summer.  My mind was a-flurry of projects, decorating and renovation ideas; but, these things take time and money... so we started slowly with small, simple projects here & there.  Then, it became apparent that the bathroom remodel would have to happen sooner than later. The tub, which had been painted yes, I said painted, was chipping everywhere.  Plumbing was a mess and the sink was leaking and tub wasn't draining.  Window also leaking. So...on 2/28/15 demo began.  Here's a couple pics so far.  As I type this hubby is working on it right now and that'll be the next progress pic.
A somewhat "before" pic.  Cannot really see how bad the tub is.  The white tile you see is actually dark maroon tile that's been painted white.  The floor has already been taken up in this picture too.
Wowza. This was rough.  This was a stage of "creative showering." We have 2 bathrooms in the house but only one full.  I have dreams of adding 2 more showers. Yes, I'm crazy like that.  My husband will cringe when he reads this...hey, dreamers gonna dream.
Hi, new tub.  And by new tub, I mean new tube #3.  Our first 2 tubs were cracked (nobody's fault, this happens sometimes with fiberglass - tiny, hairline cracks).  This was a frustrating and trying stage.  Taking us to 1.5 weeks without a shower in the house. 
Ta-da - the tub with durock around it.  Notice those built-ins - I designed them and Jer made them happen.  We have a good partnership when we project together! 

Sources: tub from Ferguson, durock from Home Depot 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring. Happy Blogging.

 Happy FIRST day of SPRING!
Happy FIRST home.style.heart BLOG POST!

Thanks for stopping by.
This may be a little bit of a slow start (see "about me" for other things that occupy my time) but, I'm glad you're reading along.  I hope for this space to encourage you with simple ways to make your house a home - a place where you can get ideas, inspiration, tips, etc...
I'm sure I'll have some growing pains along the way as blogging isn't necessarily my strength. But, I wanted a outlet for my creativity and I have a little dream of starting a side business of design and decor.  Even if this dream lives through blogging and instagram it feels good to do this!

Photo above: our dining room farmhouse table w/ an $8 runner from Marshalls and a floral hostess gift given to me from hosting a brunch last week.

Marshalls, TJ Maxx & Home Goods are great "go tos" for table runners.  You can often find them for under $10.  Another simple runner idea that is easy peasy and VERY affordable is a roll of cute wrapping paper (think $1 section of Target) unrolled on table.  Going to the fabric store and buying burlap is also a fun and versatile runner.  In my opinion, a runner adds a lot to a room is a great foundation for a fabulous table setting.