Tuesday, January 19, 2016

bathroom reveal [the complete makeover]

I've had a few requests for the "final bathroom reveal".  I was having a hard time waiting for the right light and some finishing details...There are a couple little loose ends but I won't make you wait any longer for the reveal... My friends, below is our journey to our new bathroom:
Here is our bathroom right at the beginning of the demo - the floors are torn up.  The "white" tile you see in the shower was actually maroon tile that was painted white by previous owners.  AND - the tub was also painted.  This is what really spurred on the renovation: chipping paint on the tub walls and bottom. The tiles to the right of the shower curtain are gray and you can see the maroon accent tiles.  The bathroom is relatively small, with the door opening in and taking up space.  During the remodel we decided to install a pocket door. 
On the LEFT is the wall where the toilet was and where the pocket door kit would be installed. On the RIGHT was where the medicine cabinet was.  The cabinet/mirror and the vanity was oak and not in great shape due to some leaks.
Yikes.  This was crunch time - our only tub/shower in the house was gone.  This was the hardest part of the demo.  We had some issues w/ the new tub and ended up finally setting the THIRD tub.  The first two had small, hairline cracks that were not discovered until we had the tub in place.  This phase was supposed to be a weekend project but, unfortunately, took longer. 
Hooray!! The tub is in (even if it means using tools to turn on the tub to bathe from that spout).
Durock and built ins! Jer made the build ins that I designed for soap & shampoos.
Tiles are going up and I'm getting excited.  The space is really taking shape. We did the whole renovation ourselves so, at times, this meant little helpers wanted a piece of the action.  Here's Daddy teaching little ones how to tile.
The shower is tiled and dry wall is up! The pine along the left wall will soon be up for pine paneling that we will whitewash.
Pine paneling is up.  The new vanity is also here!  We could not find a small, simple vanity that we liked.  We wanted real wood and affordable.  I designed this piece and my dad made it for us.  I love it and it's so special because it was hand made and delivered by my dad. 
Lots of progress made here: floor tile in, walls painted and white washed and sink is set.  I love the look of farmhouse sinks and was hoping to find a small farmhouse sink we could use.  I am so pleased with this one!
Faucet installed.  This also took some time to find.  I loved the look of a faucet that looked a little old fashioned but didn't cost hundreds of dollars.
Mirror up, lights up and behind me is the new window.
A finished view (little light/fan not quite complete in the ceiling).
More after pics and details:
Wood beam shelf, magazine rack and little wooden crate on back of toilet.
Shelf details: including a tiny owl cross stitch my mom did years ago.
Towel hook.
Jeremy rebuilt the linen cupboard and made a custom drawer underneath it.  This sweet little knob completes the look.
And there you have it - the complete transformation!  We are very pleased with the results.  I love the fresh, clean look of the subway tile and am so glad we decided on the dark grout.  I'm also very pleased w/ the tiles floors.  We went with larger tiles and a light gray grout.  We incorporated a lot of reclaimed items and we like the feel of new but still lived in and homey.
What do you think?!
I'll try to list all sources here but please email me if you have specific questions!
subway tile & grout: Home Depot
shower curtain: Target
rug: Target
wire basket: Marshalls
tin bucket for toilet paper: Michaels
garbage can & toilet paper holder: Marshalls
sink: Lowes
faucet: Home Depot
light: Lowes
mirror, beam, paneling: reclaimed/repurposed
window: Derisio Construction
toilet: Home Depot
magazine rack: Kohl's
vanity: my dad.
xo. home.style.heart

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